What makes a work place great? the employees of course.

At Concklin Insurance we believe that it is our staff that makes us a success and we strive to be an employer they can be proud of.  Our mission is to treat each employee with respect and understanding.  We trust our staff to be capable professionals that can work with autonomy.  We don’t micromanage, but instead offer an open door to anyone who needs assistance or has questions.  Everyone’s opinions are valued.

We like to think Concklin Insurance Agency is the best place to work.  We understand our staff has lives and families outside the office, and sometimes these lives intrude upon the work day.  Therefore, we attempt to be as flexible with staff hours as we can be.  For instance - allowing parents to choose hours that work with their kid’s school schedules or working from home if they have a sick child, spouse, or parent. We take pride in offering not just a job but a career path.

We also take the time to listen to our staff and work with them.  We recognize how lucky we are to have the wonderful employees we do.  If someone is going above and beyond they deserve to have that effort acknowledged and appreciated.

Find a list of current vacancies here.

Recipient of the 2018 Best Agency to Work For award.  Read the article here.