Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Some industries require more specialized coverage, which is why Concklin Insurance Agency offers a wide range of competitive niche market insurance options.

Each Special Market is designed to meet the unique risks of the specific industry while offering custom enhancements, limits and coverages.  With access over 30 Top rated Carriers, Concklin Insurance is able to offer competitively priced options in 48 states.



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Special Markets

Custom Franchise Insurance Program Development

If you have recently become a franchise, or are not satisfied with your current franchise program, our team of insurance professionals will work with you to build a custom insurance program that meets your needs.

Special Markets

Restaurant Insurance

Concklin Insurance’s represents many top rated carriers specializing in restaurant insurance coverage.

We insure any type of restaurant from white table cloth, taverns, pubs, to hot dog stands. Being members of a variety of associations, such as the Illinois Restaurant and Illinois Beverage Association, we understand the ever changing insurance needs of the restaurant industry.

Special Markets

Pizza Delivery Insurance

For over 30 years, Concklin Insurance has been providing the Pizza Industry the right insurance to protect the bottom line. We will analyze your insurance needs, review any franchise requirements, assess your current coverage and design a program using top rated carriers.

Special Markets

Landscapers Insurance

Concklin has extensive experience with Landscapers insurance coverage. We represent top-rated carriers that offer policies and endorsements that are unique to the landscaping and lawn care business. We have the knowledge of this line of business to properly rate, class and know the importance of specifically scheduling tools and equipment in case of loss.

Special Markets

Propane Haulers Insurance

Concklin Insurance has a dedicated program for propane haulers insurance. Underwritten by AMC/Fairmont, The Fuel Marketers Program will provide the coverage that your fuel business needs.

Special Markets

Convenience Store Insurance

Concklin Insurance offers affordable convenience store insurance programs designed specifically to provide your gas station and convenience store with comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage.

Special Markets

Contractors Insurance

Concklin Insurance Agency has 30+ years with Contractors Insurance programs. Our experience provides the understanding of what bonding is needed, the knowledge of proper certifications, and contract review for insurance purposes.

Special Markets

Video Gaming Insurance

If you have slot machines at your business, you need video gaming insurance. In October 2012, the State of Illinois began allowing video gaming machines at licensed taverns, restaurants and fraternal organizations.

Special Markets

Firearm Liability Insurance

Nobody wants to have to use a firearm to defend his or herself, family, home, or possessions, but that’s why many gun owners have them. If you’re put in the position and must use your firearm for protection, you may need further protection after the fact from legal fees and lawsuits.