Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Every industry and business has unique risks and needs.  As a business owner you need an insurance professional with the capabilities and knowledge to identify risks and service those needs. 

Concklin Insurance Agency specializes in a wide range of markets.  We bring considerable experience and knowledge to these industries and have created custom packages that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. We understand these markets inside and out and can negotiate competitive premiums your behalf.  

Most businesses require a number of insurance policies in order to properly insure their operations, from Commercial Auto to Professional Liability to Workers' Compensation, the list can be quite extensive.  Keeping up with that many policies isn't an easy task for any business owner.  By placing your business with Concklin Insurance Agency you get access to a full range of services and coverage solutions. With access over 30 Top rated Carriers, Concklin Insurance Agency is able to offer competitively priced options in 48 states. 

In addition to quality coverage and expert advice, Concklin Insurance Agency offers risk management tools to help keep claims to a minimum.  Your claims history has an enormous impact of whether your rates go up or down.  Implementing a solid risk management plan will help steer your pricing in a more favorable direction, and we are here to help both now and for future renewals.

Let us analyze your business which will allow us to understand your unique exposures and establish a suite of customized insurance policies designed with your needs in mind. By working with one of our highly qualified insurance producers you can rest easy knowing we will seek every available option to ensure your business is protected with quality policies that work together to eliminate gaps and reduce costs.

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Special Markets

Firearm Liability Insurance

Nobody wants to have to use a firearm to defend his or herself, family, home, or possessions, but that’s why many gun owners have them. If you’re put in the position and must use your firearm for protection, you may need further protection after the fact from legal fees and lawsuits.