Basic wedding insurance can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on the wedding cost and selected coverage options. Even a mega-wedding costing $175,000 can be insured for around $1,000. That may be a small price to pay considering the huge investment at stake.

Insurance can be a savior if an unforeseeable circumstance crashes the wedding. What if the bride, groom, or close family member were to get sick or injured right before the wedding? What if a weather event like a tropical storm or ice storm rendered the wedding venue unusable? What if the caterer or wedding dress boutique were to suddenly go out of business and wouldn’t return your calls after you’d made a hefty deposit?

One very important reminder for brides and grooms planning their big day: Get everything in a written contract from each vendor you hire. If a vendor fails to perform as outlined in a written, signed contract, having that documentation makes it much easier when filing an insurance claim to recoup any funds that vendor cost you.

And a final caveat to wedding insurance: It covers a lot of potential scenarios — but cold feet is not one of them. If a bride or groom backs out, the only thing a wedding insurance policyholder might get from his or her insurance agent is condolences.