Woman relaxes on summer day in a Kayak

Summer Fun and Safety Go Hand in Hand

With summer nearly here, it’s time to whip out the barbecue and pull the boat out of the shed. However, be sure to keep in mind summer is also “trauma season” for hospitals. Children are more likely to be injured in summer. Follow summer safety tips and insure yourself and your family to keep accidents — and related costs — from derailing your summer and to keep everyone happy and healthy all season long.

Avoid accidents

Whatever you do this summer, do it with care. This sounds obvious, but simply being careful cannot be stressed enough. Whether you’re grilling outdoors, taking the family to the pool, or pushing through the last hours of work on a Friday, proceed with caution. This means making sure you turn the grill and its gas supply off on when you’re done grilling, avoid excess sun exposure, and don’t cut corners at the office or on your commute home.

  • Check your outdoor areas. Your yard is about to get a lot more traffic and attention in the months to come. Set yourself and others up for safe fun by ensuring there are no hazards on your porches or decks such as popped nails, loose boards, or wobbly railings. Then check your yard for debris such as sharp rocks, branches, and nails.
  • Show your car or RV some TLC. Before you set out on a summer road trip, make sure your car or RV is running smoothly. Have the fluids, tire pressure, brake pads, air filter, and battery checked before leaving home to avoid lost time — or an accident — while on the road.
  • Give your boat a checkup. While you’re having your car checked out, make sure your boat is in good working order, too. Before taking your boat back out on the water, make sure all components are functioning properly. Ensure all necessary safety equipment is on board before leaving shore.
  • Double-check your insurance coverage. No matter how careful you are, accidents still happen. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. If you fear you may have gaps in your coverage or you’re leaving an asset uninsured, call your insurance agent for the insurance you need to give you peace of mind.

Items everyone should insure

  • Your residences — Homeowners or renters’ insurance is necessary to protect your possessions. Whatever type of residence you primarily occupy, have a policy to protect it and everything inside it. If you own vacation homes or rental properties, have additional policies drawn up to protect these as well.
  • Your vehicles — Your vehicles are valuable assets. You should insure every vehicle you own. If you get into an accident and don’t have auto insurance, you’ll be responsible for replacing your vehicle out of pocket. If you have auto insurance, your insurance company will help defray that cost. Likewise, your provider will also likely cover a portion of medical bills in the event that someone was injured in the accident.
  • Your toys — Thought you couldn’t insure your toys? Think again. As with all motor vehicles, you should always insure boats and other recreational vehicles. The same goes for jewelry, golf equipment, and computers. If you own items of great value, insure them to protect yourself against loss — especially if you’re planning to take them on vacation.
  • Your family and yourself — The three most important methods individuals should use to insure themselves are life insurance, health insurance, and long-term disability insurance. It’s also important to ensure your health insurance covers you when you’re on holiday across borders, whether it’s a vacation in Europe or fishing trip to Canada.

With adequate caution and ample insurance coverage, you will be ready to weather anything summer can throw at you.