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Are you ready for a disaster? Here are 6 steps to help you create a business recovery plan

If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen, and those with a plan will inevitably succeed at a higher rate than those without. However, recent studies show that 60% of small businesses do not have a formal emergency response plan, also known as a business continuity or recovery plan. A business recovery plan, if maintained and implemented correctly, can be the difference between successfully recovering from a business interruption and going out of business.

Mind the Gap – Will you be left holding the bill after a car accident?

This one endorsement could make up the difference. If you’ve ever traveled via London’s iconic “Tube” system, the phrase Mind the Gap is likely etched into your brain. The warning is repeated thousands of times a day, cautioning people about the space between the platform and the train and has become ingrained in popular culture. Mind the Gap. Mind the Gap. It repeats, over and over. However, the Tube’s gap isn’t the only gap to be cautious of. Your auto insurance policy may have a gap that could leave you holding the bill.

Top 3 common costly claims for restaurant operators and tips on how to prevent them

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training your employees and having them stay.- Henry Ford Restaurants are ramping up staffing needs to meet loosening capacity restrictions and the opening of patio dining. With the current difficulty of finding applicants (not to mention retaining qualified staff) it may be tempting to sacrifice proper training in favor of quickly getting employees out on the floor and working.Poorly implemented, rushed, or incomplete training of staff can lead to costly mistakes – including workers’ compensation claims, increased liability claims, and dissatisfied customers.

Is the use of biometric identifiers creating a gap in your insurance coverage? Reduce your risk with these 8 tips

The collection, use, storage, and destruction of Biometric Identifiers is a hot topic for employees.  There have been many lawsuits and business owners may be surprised to know it is being excluded from many Employment Practices Liability Insurance policies. This can leave a gap in coverage for employers that are collecting biometric data as privacy laws continue to expand and evolve.  In Illinois, the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIBA) prohibits the collection of Biometric Identifiers from employees, customers, vendors, residents, or other third parties without their written authorization.  Companies must also have a public policy for the handling and use of such information.

Don’t forget the sump pump! This is one risk you don't want to miss.

Finished Basement Bathroom
Buying a new home is an exciting stage in your life, and there is a lot that goes into it. The ideal home will be perfect from the ground up – but don’t forget what is below ground. Having a properly installed and maintained sump pump is your first defense against water escaping from sewers and drains, such as toilets, within the residence. This type of water backup is more common in areas where:

Check out these 3 ways restaurant owners are evolving their businesses

Meal Kits and To-go ordered Food
March 2020 saw a wave of disruption strike the restaurant and hospitality industry like nothing we could have predicted. Government mandated shutdowns, followed by strict capacity restrictions, and a constantly changing sea of guidelines have left restaurant owners scrambling.As we move through March 2021, we look back at some of the most innovative ways restaurant owners have managed to keep their businesses open and prospering.

A commercial vehicle telematics program is a great way to save money and reduce accidents

Commercial Vehicles, fleet of Trucks
Commercial Vehicle Telematics is a great way to monitor and improve your fleet’s driving habits and reduce vehicular accidents. The number of accidents involving commercially used vehicles continues to trend upwards and is a great concern in the insurance industry, impacting rates and availability of insurance in some industries. Similar to Personal Vehicle Telematics, commercial vehicle telematics provides insights on the vehicles speed, acceleration, hard breaking, and location/route. Depending on which telematics program is deployed other metrics may also be available, such as swerving, or frequent lane changing.

Is a Short-Term Health Insurance Policy right for you?

Patient Visits Doctor for Medical Procedure
The phrase Short-Term Health Insurance is both accurate, as it this policy only provide coverage for a short time, and a bit confusing since it implies that it is a shorter version of Long-Term Health – which isn’t exactly accurate. Long-Term Health Insurance, often called Major Medical Insurance, is renewable and offers comprehensive coverage options designed for people to keep the same policy for many years. These plans are medically underwritten, which could require you to answer health questions to determine eligibility. Short-Term Health Insurance, also called Temporary Health Insurance, typically provide coverage for one year or less, and are not meant to be renewed. However, this is not the only difference between long-term and short-term plans.

Does Offering Curbside Pickup Impact Your Liquor Liability?

Traffic Sign on Curb designating Parking Space for Curbside Pickup
Serving alcohol, and thus Liquor Liability Insurance, has been a common feature for many restaurants, bars, and catering companies for decades, causing this coverage to often be a simple renewal year after year. However, many establishments are finding new ways of serving their customers, primarily through pickup and delivery options, making a review of liquor liability a necessity.

Do You Have the RIGHT Coverage? Professional Liability & Management Liability Aren't The Same

Business Owner considers as looks at computer screen
The Difference Between Professional Liability and Management Liability Insurance As a business owner you understand the importance of protecting your company, your employees, and yourself.  This often means going beyond a simple Business Owners Policy.  While Professional Liability and Management Liability may sound similar, they are unique coverages, and depending on your industry you may need one or both types of policies.

Keep your garage safe with these 5 tips!

Garage Doors on a home
With autumn settling in, now is a great time to evaluate the hazards in your garage.  According to U.S Fire Administration, each year there are 6,600 garage fires in homes. These fires tend to spread farther, go undetected longer, and lead to more injuries and property loss than fires originating in any other part of your home. Most garage fires occur in winter so now is the time to focus on prevention. 

Restaurant Operators: Be Proactive about loss control

Restaurant Kitchen with busy chefs preparing food
Restaurant Operators: Be Proactive about loss control before your next inspection: Risk manager inspections are typically ordered by Insurance Companies and often happen when a new policy is written or on a fixed schedule. Any concerns identified by a risk manager inspection should be addressed by the business promptly, as they could cause higher premium costs, or even risk coverage being revoked if not corrected. By proactively addressing any concerns that may arise during an inspection, policyholders can feel confident in their operations.

Understanding your commercial property rating and underwriting

Small Restaurant Store Front in Historic Commercial Downtown
Understanding the factors that impact your commercial property can seem overwhelming.  Here we have broken down the key characteristics underwriters review when determining insurance rates.

Protect what matters - Homeowners Insurance & Home Warranties.

Home Air Conditioning Unit Outside house
As we move through summer towards fall your air conditioner has likely been working on overdrive to beat the heat. Having it quit now can be devastating as sweltering summer nights make sleeping more difficult. Many people might be disappointed to learn that their homeowner’s insurance may not cover the repair cost.

Are you at risk of an ADA Website Lawsuit?

ADA web icons fro disabled, visually impaired, deaf, and mute persons
While ADA lawsuits previously focused on physical access barriers to businesses, in the past few years they have shifted to include cyberspace as well. Lawsuits alleging inaccessible websites and mobile apps accounted for at least a fifth of the total number of ADA Title III lawsuits filed in federal courts in 2019.  With the Supreme Court declining to review the Robles v. Domino’s case, small businesses in the United States continue to be without formal federal guidance on how to make their websites compliant.

Civil Unrest

Store front boarded up with protect graffiti
Protecting yourself, your employees, your customers and your business during civil unrest.  “I think that you will all agree that we are living in most interesting times. (Hear, hear.) I never remember myself a time in which our history was so full, in which day by day brought us new objects of interest, and, let me say also, new objects for anxiety. (Hear, hear.)” – Joseph Chamberlin; 1898  2020 has certainly brought us “interesting times” as we continue to navigate the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 crisis and now the civil unrest following in the wake of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests. Business owners continue to face new anxieties over an uncertain future.  Civil unrest creates unique challenges for businesses.  Vandalism, stolen or damaged goods, and extensive property damage are just some of the concerns business owners face.  There must also be consideration for the safety of employees, customers and themselves.  With this in mind it is crucial to take steps to mitigate the potential damages and risks to your business during times of unrest.

Considerations to make your restaurant patrons feel safe

Lit up restaurant open sign
As a restaurant operator you know the importance of keeping your establishment clean.  You regularly disinfect surfaces and food-prep areas to avoid contamination and the spread of germs and have hand washing policies in place.  However, with the rise of the novel virus COVID-19 you may be wondering how you can make your patrons feel safe in your establishment. 

Water Damage: an increasing risk to high net-worth homes

White Tub in an expensive bathroom
When you think of the top causes of home damage what comes to mind? Fire, hurricanes, extreme weather? Chances are water damage isn’t very high on your list of concerns. However, water damage comes in with a staggeringly high frequency of reported claims, just after hail, making it the 2nd most reported cause of loss.  It also peaks the top 3 for severity of damage and is in 1st place for single largest payouts.

Ideas for small business during the corona virus crisis.

Parking spaces resereved for restaurant pick up orders sign
Social distancing is a great way to help slow the spread of the corona virus.  Unfortunately, it can have a great impact on local businesses also as people choose to self-quarantine rather than going out to shop, eat, and socialize. Here are some ways you can help entice customers to your small business:

What are Vehicle Telematics

Peson installs telematics device into car
Many auto insurance providers offer vehicle telematics that offer you feedback on your driving habits, and many offer discounts based on the data collected.  This is often achieved with a small device you keep in the vehicle, or even an app on your mobile phone.  Using this vehicle telematics, data is collected and reviewed regarding:

Insurance Resolutions

computer screen displayes 2020 Goals
Every year millions of people make resolutions at the beginning of the year of ways they are going to improve their lives. Commonly these revolve around diet, exercise, business and lifestyle. While we are big supporters of all positive change, adding a few Insurance Resolutions to the list is a smart choice. Here are 5 Insurance Resolutions to observe in 2020.