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General Liability Goes Further For Restaurants

When we think about general liability we think of bodily harm or property damage resulting from accidents, such as slip and falls.  However, General Liability goes much further for restaurant owners with product liability – often called Products and Completed Operations Coverage. 

My insurance company non-renewed my policy – what does this mean?

Either you or your insurance company can decide not to renew your policy when it expires.  This can come as a shock when it is the company that decides to non-renew – especially if you have paid your premium on time and have had no claims. It is important to understand that a non-renew is different than a cancellation.

What is an Experience Modifier and how does knowing yours help?

When it comes to Worker’s Compensation polices many business owners only look at one number – the premium quoted. Yet taking a deeper look into how your premium is calculated can provide valuable insights on ways to lower your premium in the future.

Your home’s hidden insurance gap – it’s underground!

We don’t often think about what is going on underground.  Out of sight – out of mind.  But there is a lot going on down there. As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining the service lines from your home to your property line – and a standard homeowner’s policy does not include cover service line damage.  This means you could find yourself responsible for potentially thousands of dollars in repairs.

6 things you can expect to be asked when your business applies for cyber insurance

In less than 9 years, ransomware attacks are predicted to attack and encrypt businesses or devices every 2 seconds.  In 2021, the average ransom payment was $812,000 and 46% of businesses who had their data encrypted paid the ransom according to CybersecurityDIVE.  For technology-based industries this number is even higher with 83% of companies paying the ransom.

Can I choose my own coverage limits for my home?

Coverage limits are the max amount an insurance policy will pay out in the event of a covered loss. When we are talking about the structure of your home, we are referring to Dwelling Coverage, or Coverage A in your homeowner’s policy. In the event of a complete loss, such as if your home burns down or is hit by a tornado, you’ll want these limits to be high enough to cover the costs of rebuilding your home.

Top 4 risks when offering outdoor dining – and how to minimize them

Many restaurants are offering outdoor dining options on sidewalks, in adjacent open spaces, and in their own parking lots. Offering outdoor dining options at your restaurant comes with risk – here are the top 4 risks you should consider when opening an outdoor area.

Motorcycles are valuable targets for thieves. Help protect yours with these 10 simple tips.

Did you know motorcycles are prone to theft?  In some areas, motorcycle owners have over 13% chance of having their bike stolen! While your location and the style of bike you have will affect the likelihood of a theft, following these 10 easy steps can help reduce your bike from being a target.

Does your company have a Distracted Driving Policy? Empowering employees to focus while driving.

Does your business have a distracted driving policy? When employees drive distracted their chance of being in an accident increases tremendously. Not only is this dangerous for your employees and the others sharing the road, if the employee is in an accident while doing their job – such as driving to meet a client, to the bank, to make a delivery, or another task in their job description – a claim could be made against your company for damages. On average distracted driving costs employers $75,176 per non-fatal incident, a fatal crash is 10 times more costly - and that was back in 2019. Costs have only increased since then. This doesn’t even take into consideration the lost workdays.

Why HO3 is often the best option for homeowners

HO3 Insurance Policy If you own your home, it is likely you have an HO3 insurance (Homeowners 3), as this is the most common – and deservedly so – homeowner’s policy there is.  You might wonder why HO3? What are HO1 and HO2? How many different types are there?  How can you be sure the policy you have is the right policy if you don’t understand your other options?

Flood Insurance for your business, what you need to know

Flooding is a risk to your business, regardless of if you are on the coast or inland – all 50 states experience floods.  The average commercial flood claim is around $89,000 in the last 5 years.  In fact floods on average cause $3.5 billion dollars in damage annually.  The risk is so massive that insurance companies would need to charge outrageous premiums in order to cover the damages. This led to the creation of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1968. Without the NFIP those most in need of coverage would not be able to afford it.

My Homeowners and Personal Auto rates are increasing – What is going on?!

The price of insurance is going up - personal auto is seeing an increase on average 3.1% and homeowners is even higher, averaging 8.4%. What is the extra money covering? Here are some of root causes of these increases:

5 Tips to Manage Your Liquor Liability Exposure

Drunk driving continues to be the cause of approximately 10,000 vehicle-related fatalities each year. Victims and their families file suits against restaurants and bars for serving customers who were later involved in a collision.  Dram Shop Laws establish a chain of responsibility in 30 states, which means restaurants and bars, as well as their employees, can be held directly liable for damages and bodily harm caused by individuals to whom they served alcohol. Having liquor liability insurance helps mitigate the costs should your establishment be held legally liable for damages, but best practice is to prevent drunk driving from the beginning.

Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost? What it means for your homeowner's insurance

There are two ways in which the insured can be compensated for a loss caused by a covered peril: Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.

4 Reasons Why it is Important to Maintain your Commercial Landscaping

Keeping up with your commercial property landscaping is not only vital to keep your property looking nice, but it is also important for reducing your liability risk. When vegetation is left unattended it can lead to a variety of hazards.

What Perils Are Included in a Homeowner's Policy?

When talking about perils and insurance there are a few important definitions you need to be aware of. A peril is the cause of the loss (damage or injury). A covered peril means you have insurance against the peril that caused the loss. What is covered by your Homeowner's Policy will be determined by what level of perils are included.

Do I need insurance? Winter Vehicles Edition

Do I need to insure my snowmobile? Different states have different rules, laws, and regulations regarding snowmobiles.  In Illinois liability coverage is mandatory if you are operating your snowmobile outside your personal property.  Even if your state does not require insurance for your snowmobile, it is still advisable to carry liability coverage in the event you are in an accident and found liable for injuries to others or damage to someone else’s property.

Burns: 5 tips to extinguish these risks

A survey done in 2015 found that 79% of adults who worked in a non-managerial position at fast-food restaurants throughout the country have been burned at work within the previous year and 58% said they had suffered multiple burns.  The Burn Foundation estimates 12,000 employees in the food industry suffer burns each year—the highest number in any employment sector. Burns are a serious risk in the food industry and often result in workers’ compensation claims needing to be filed.  On average a worker will miss 17.5 days of work as a result of suffering a burn.

3 Seasonal Fire Risks to Your Business

Fall and Winter Seasons bring new fire safety concerns to businesses. It’s important to take the time to recognize the increase in fire risks to your business and ensure employees are properly trained in all safety precautions.

What does a homeowner’s policy cover?

A homeowners policy packages together the specific types of property and liability coverage that a homeowner is likely to need into a single policy.   6 Types of Coverage in One* Coverage A - Dwelling Coverage. Coverage B - Other Structures. Coverage C – Personal Property. Coverage D – Loss of Use. This coverage is sometimes call Additional Living Expense and Rental Value. Coverage E – Personal Liability Coverage. Coverage F – Medical Payments.

Are you delivering on safety? 14 tips to help keep delivery drivers safe and insurance claims low

Food delivery service brings convenience to customers and has helped many restaurants survive shutdowns and capacity limitations imposed over the last year and a half. While being able to offer delivery has been a boon for restaurants and patrons, it does come with its own safety concerns.If you offer delivery as part of your restaurant experience, there are several precautions you can take to help protect your staff and your bottom line.