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Auto Insurance Coverage: Unforeseen Speed Bump for Some Rideshare Drivers

The concept of ridesharing has become so popular it’s turned one brand into a common verb, “I’ll just Uber.” And we no longer get a lift but, rather, a Lyft.

3 Essential Steps to Protecting Your Business from Extreme Weather

In June, severe weather cost the U.S. economy over $3 billion. Insurance companies covered at least $2 billion of that damage. To help compensate for the costs of increasingly extreme weather, many insurance providers have begun raising their premiums and deductibles, making it more difficult for business owners in areas prone to harsh weather conditions to obtain the severe weather coverage they need. In fact, 40% of businesses never reopen after sustaining severe damage from a natural disaster.

How Is Legal Marijuana Impacting the Insurance Industry?

Marijuana laws are rapidly changing how cannabis is regulated, and one in five Americans now lives in an area where recreational smoking is legal. This change is making new medical treatments easier to access and transforming how people perceive cannabis and its users. It is also impacting those in the insurance industry, as creating marijuana-related policies is uncharted territory for many.

Protect Yourself: Renter’s Insurance Could Save You from Potential Disaster

Imagine the horror of coming home to find your belongings destroyed or stolen. Then you find out your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your losses. Most people know the legal requirements relating to car, health, and homeowner’s insurance but often do not consider optional coverage, such as renter’s insurance.

My Premium Is Increasing Again? Understand Rising Auto Insurance Rates

If you own a vehicle and insure it, you know auto insurance rates are rising. Even if you have a clean driving record, you’ve likely seen your rates inch higher over the past few years. The average premium has risen by 16% since 2011. The reasons for this are manifold.

Weather the Summer with the Right Insurance

It’s hard to imagine anything could be as damaging to your home as winter storms, but the truth is spring and summer — with their inclement weather and sudden, severe storms — can be even more dangerous than winter. Once a storm hits, there isn’t much you can do but weather it. Therefore, it’s important to prepare yourself and your home in advance. But those aren’t the only things you need to protect. Homeowners and drivers can take steps to prepare their property against weather damage in the months ahead.

Summer Fun and Safety Go Hand in Hand

With summer nearly here, it’s time to whip out the barbecue and pull the boat out of the shed. However, be sure to keep in mind summer is also “trauma season” for hospitals. Children are more likely to be injured in summer. Follow summer safety tips and insure yourself and your family to keep accidents — and related costs — from derailing your summer and to keep everyone happy and healthy all season long.

4 Tips to Prevent Teen Distracted Driving

There has been a dramatic increase in distracted driving related accidents in the United States because of phone and other electronic device usage — particularly among teenage drivers. This epidemic has drastically increased automobile accident rates and, unfortunately, the number of vehicular injuries and deaths.

Cover Your Online Business Presence with Cyber Liability Insurance

It’s impossible to turn on the news these days and not hear something about hackers accessing secure email servers, performing large-scale credit card hacks resulting in data breaches, and much more. Owners of businesses large and small have been cyberattack and breach victims, paving way for the new cyber liability insurance sector.

How Can You Avoid Senior Citizen Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a real concern for everyone. Even children as young as five months old are vulnerable, which represents a problem that will likely continue to grow. College students have a risk three times higher than others of being fraud victims. But identity theft may be an even bigger concern for seniors: Identity theft increased 25% among seniors between 2012 and 2014. While seniors may have a lower risk of identity theft than other age groups, they tend to be more vulnerable.

Protect Your Dream Investments

Does the impending arrival of spring and associated traveling bring a vacation home to mind? A vacation home is an ideal goal for many and can even be a solid investment strategy to aspire to. Part of that investment should include insurance coverage.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Franchise Insurance Coverage?

Running a business can come with an extensive list of day-to-day concerns from making sales and creating marketing and branding campaigns to keeping employee morale high and a hundred items in between. It can be easy to get buried in business aspects that demand your attention every day, but it’s imperative you not forget about the rare but devastating occurrences that could sink your business if you’re unprepared. One of your top priorities should be protecting your business, property, employees, and yourself from unforeseen events through restaurant or franchise insurance.

Reduce Insurance Costs Without Reducing Coverage

Owning a franchise restaurant or any other small business is a costly endeavor. You have your building, staff, supply costs, and more to think about. Savvy business owners are always looking for ways to streamline processes, become more efficient, and ultimately cut costs, but one place many owners fail to look at is insurance costs.

4 Things You Need to Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance is a term most people have heard but not something everyone takes as seriously as they should. Life insurance protects beneficiaries upon insured individuals’ deaths. Without a life insurance policy, your family members and loved ones could be left with wage losses, debts, funeral expenses, as well as other financial burdens and costs associated with your death. These added — and sometimes unexpected — costs add to emotional burdens when we lose loved ones.

Keep Your Home and Business Safe this Holiday Season

As children write lists and Santa checks them twice this time of year, don’t forget the important items on your own list: your home and business! As many as 98 million people travel this time of year, so as you make Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s travel plans, be sure to take the proper steps to protect your properties while you’re away.

Don’t Fall into the Insurance Gap!

As a franchise owner, you’re probably well-aware of the many decisions you must make and policies you must uphold to remain in compliance with the typical franchise disclosure document (FDD) or legal agreement you signed and enacted when you purchased your business. While these documents vary in depth and content, one of the key elements all FDDs include is insurance requirements.