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5 Tips for Purchasing Investment Property Insurance

Posted by on Oct 25, 2018 in Property Insurance | Comments Off on 5 Tips for Purchasing Investment Property Insurance

A wise way for homeowners to make additional income is to invest in properties to rent, manage, or renovate and sell. But without the right kind of insurance, these properties could potentially lead to lawsuits that could put homeowners’ other properties and assets on the line. Many landlords don’t realize they need additional insurance policies once they purchase additional properties to sell or rent to residents. Making sure you choose the right kind of insurance for your investment properties is an essential part of the purchasing process. If you’ve recently acquired an investment...

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Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy Right for You?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2018 in Personal Insurance | Comments Off on Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy Right for You?

One major lawsuit can have the potential to drain a bank account and leave those involved with nothing — even if the incident was a complete accident. Therefore, nearly every state requires drivers to carry auto liability insurance and many protect their property with homeowners liability insurance. However, basic coverage might not be enough in certain situations. Accidents could easily become costly. If expenses exceed what liability insurance covers, the remaining damages become out-of-pocket costs if umbrella insurance policies aren’t in place. ☂️ What is an umbrella...

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